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  • Why We Need Lisa

    Modern Leadership. Modern Party.

    Smart Leadership

    It's not just her scientific background. Lisa has handled some of the most difficult and controversial portfolios in Cabinet, including Natural Resources, Labour, and her current position as Finance Critic. Her practicality, competence, and compassion have won praise across party lines.


    That's smart leadership.

    True Patriot Love

    Born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Educated in Antigonish and Guelph. Became Canada's first female harbourmaster in Toronto. Stood with Alberta and Saskatchewan on crucial natural resource issues. Developed rigorous rail safety standards alongside Quebec.


    She cares about our country - all of it. And it shows.

    Working Hard

    Lisa was born to a working class family of seven in Cape Breton. She got a science degree, practiced law, and became the CEO of the Toronto Port Authority through sheer grit.


    And she never forgot her rural roots or that good old Cape Breton charm.

    Taking on Trudeau

    Lisa can unify the Conservative movement and the country. She's not just telegenic and funny (though it helps!) - she's also confident, pragmatic, and intelligent.


    If she can't communicate Conservative ideas to Canadians, nobody can.

    Open and Honest

    Lisa wants a party where we all have a say. She'll keep membership affordable and work hard to expand our party. Her words: "We want more memberships, obviously - that’s how you build the party!”


    Lisa keeps her word.

    Top Contender

    Lisa consistently polls in the top bracket of Conservative leadership candidates - above those with lots more name recognition. Her riding attracts the second-most small-donor contributions of any Canadian Conservative.


    She always impresses. Let's get her in the race.

  • Who's Talking Lisa?

    We're not the only ones who think she's pretty great.

    "There is a new political draft on tap."

    Richard Brennan - Toronto Star (June 24th, 2014)

    "Lisa Raitt is a minister who has shown a remarkable grasp of complex files. I think she has a great future."

    Stephen Harper - Prime Minister (2006 - 2015)

    "Tough, quick, funny and hard-working."

    Rodger Cuzner - MP, Cape Breton - Canso (from across the aisle!)

    "It was tough to find someone to say something nasty."

    John Ivison - National Post (July 27th, 2013)

    One of Canada's "most successful - and inspiring - women."​

    The Globe and Mail (March 7th, 2014)

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  • All About Lisa

    Competent. Compassionate. Conservative.

    Before Politics

    Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Lisa grew up in Whitney Pier - a neighbourhood known for hard workers, a tight sense of community, and the local steel mill. She fit right in, keeping her nose to the grindstone and working for what she had. She got her Bachelor of Science from St. Francis Xavier, a Master's in Chemistry from Guelph, and eventually began to practice law.


    Canada is built on that kind of work ethic and sense of community. It was Lisa's understanding of that which resulted in her becoming the first female harbourmaster in Canada at the Toronto Port Authority, and eventually its CEO and President.


    Lisa was first elected to Parliament in Halton in 2008. Her talented and pragmatic leadership was recognized right away in her meteoric rise through Cabinet. Starting as Minister of Natural Resources, she was quickly entrusted with the challenging Labour and Transport portfolios.


    Right now, she's the Official Opposition Critic for Finance - holding the Liberals to account on one of the most important issues to our country.

    In the Community

    Lisa is an active member of her community. She has volunteered for Halton organizations such as the local chapter of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Like a lot of Canadian moms and dads, she's also involved with the sports teams of her two sons at home in Milton - hockey, soccer, and gymnastics.


    She hasn't forgotten her roots either. Lisa makes regular visits to family and friends in Cape Breton, and always has an eye for how she can help make Canadian lives better.

  • Sound Like a Prime Minister?

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  • "The future of our party isn't dictated by a single election at a single point in time. It's up to us to seize what comes after: a more modern, revitalized Conservative Party that's ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century."


    Lisa Raitt


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  • FAQ

    More questions? Let us know at campaign@draftraitt.ca.

    Q: Why should I support Lisa?

    A: Lisa is competent, compassionate, and most of all a true Conservative. She doesn't just outclass Trudeau on competence, either - she's a friendly and open person who all Canadians can connect with. Trust us - she deserves a shot.

    Q: Trust you? Who are you anyway?

    A: Good question! We're a group of grassroots Conservatives with some basic web design skills who sat down and thought about what we wanted in a leader. Lisa stood out to us. Her background reflects the work ethic, compassion, and determination of the Canadian people.

    Q: But don't we have lots of great candidates already?

    A: Look, we respect everyone who has put their name forward so far. It takes courage to put yourself out there. But we think that our party is better off with Lisa's unique brand of smart, competent, and compassionate leadership. Let's get her in the race so she can show us what she'll do.

    Q: Isn't she too red or blue to win?

    A: Red? Blue? Reform? PC? That's so '90s. We're one party with one goal: competent and compassionate Conservative leadership for every single Canadian. Lisa is a principled and decisive leader who never dismisses a good idea - wherever it comes from. Let's elect someone who stands up for all of us.

    Q: I think I might disagree with her on a policy. Do I sign?

    A: Our Conservative family would have a lot less flavour without debate! Look - we're not on her campaign. All we can do is look at her fantastic conservative track record. But even if we disagree in the end, let’s get Lisa in the race. We can bring something new to the table. Together. Now.

    Q: I signed up. What else can I do?

    A: Spread the word! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our hashtag is #DraftLisa. You can share our photos on Facebook or add one as your cover photo. You can write Lisa a letter. You can tell your friends and build real support.

    If we work together, we can show everyone we're ready for Raitt!